Restore Indexation to Financial Assistance Grants

Council Advocacy Kit


Nothing gets the attention of politicians, the party room or party leadership better than local stories from the front line of local community governance - you.

ALGA has prepared the council advocacy kit below to assist your council to play its complementary role to support ALGA's campaign at the local level.

Your assistance at the local level is vital to ensuring every local Federal representative is able to speak on your behalf in their respective party rooms and during budget discussions about the importance of the Financial Assistance Grants (FAGs) funding stream, its deterioration in recent years, and the fundamental need to restore indexation.

Your advocacy will complement and reinforce the lobbying ALGA is doing on your behalf with the Prime Minister, senior ministers, the Leader of the Opposition, shadow ministers, party leaders and officials.

If your council hasn't already done so, please contact your Federal Parliamentary representative through the campaign page:

The Government indicated in last year's budget outyears that it would restore indexation to FAGs and, with your help, we will hold the Government to that promise to ensure they honour that commitment.


Council Advocacy Kit

  1. Letter from ALGA President, Mayor David O'Loughlin
  2. Why should my council support the campaign?
  3. Template - Letter from council to local Federal MP
  4. Template - Council media release
  5. Council talking points
  6. Council social media ideas
  7. Council advocacy checklist
  8. About Financial Assistance Grants